2021 Faith & Work Hybrid Conference

We wrapped up our Faith & Work Hybrid Conference last Saturday, May 1st and we are so grateful to God for the many ways He has blessed our shared work in putting together this Conference in the midst of our current challenges and opportunities.

The task of hosting a hybrid event in the midst of the pandemic crisis was quite daunting, however, the participation and engagement of everyone involved in this huge undertaking were key to the success of our Faith and Work Conference this year.

Our sincere appreciation also goes to the Dignitaries that include the MP Nelly Shin, MP Ron McKinnon, Mayor Brad West, and Mayor Richard Stewart who joined us last Saturday.

We are also indebted to all our Sponsors, Media Partners, and Supporters who trusted and helped make this Hybrid Conference possible.

We are so thankful to all of our attendees, speakers, high school students, volunteers, and staff whose time, contribution, and efforts brought this Faith & Work Conference experience to life.

We value so much the transparency, vulnerability, and humility of all our 5 speakers as they shared with us, without hesitation, their faith and work journey–including their struggles and challenges. I am quite sure that those who attended have been touched and encouraged by their stories and have been enriched and impacted by their presentations.

Thank you, everyone, for praying with and for us as we once again experienced the goodness and faithfulness of God in guiding us through this journey and making this year’s Faith and Work Hybrid Conference another successful event.


Our Relevant and Engaging Content – “Equipping Our Future Leaders”
BC Christian Academy is a pre-kindergarten to grade 12 non-profit, independent school with a vision “Equipping Students To Impact The World For Jesus.” Founded in 1992, the academy is keen on equipping and inspiring our young people with the skills and knowledge they need to create meaningful change in their communities, help prepare them for the future, and for effective lives of service for God’s kingdom.

With this in mind, the Organizing Committee has decided to modify the theme of the Conference this year from “Knowing Your Why in Life and Work” to “Equipping Future Leaders.” During these unprecedented times, we are called to develop leadership skills among our young people, build their resilience and capacity to adapt to change, and teach them to integrate their faith as they grow and thrive in the outside world as Godly leaders. By partnering with strong Christian leaders in various fields of work and profession, the Faith and Work Conference of BC Christian Academy will be an avenue to collaborate, network, and connect with like-minded people who share a passion for driving the next generation of leaders forward.


Nelly Shin, MP

Nelly Shin, MP

House of Commons of Canada

John Neate Jr. (JJ)

John Neate Jr. (JJ)

JJ Bean

Esther De Wolde

Esther De Wolde

Phantom Screens

Graham Carter

Graham Carter

Vertex Developments, Maven Consulting LTD

Geoff Dittrich

Geoff Dittrich


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“I have been involved in a lot of conferences over the years. This conference was so well organized – great job. From the speakers’ room, the looking after drinks and lunch to the beautiful gifts and thank yous was over the top. I leave this conference feeling indebted to you. Thanks for all of your work.” – John Neate Jr.

“Thanks for the kind words. It was a great day and I am very impressed with the event as a whole and the great organization. Please accept my thanks to you and the whole BCCA team it was my honour to serve you all. If I can support your entrepreneurial activities further please keep in touch. God bless you all.” – Graham Carter

“It was my honour to be with you all. As a speaker, it was my best experience I have had. From the initial invitation and following emails to the warm welcome on the day, the friendly volunteers, great food and always be informed as to what was happening and where/what to do next. It takes a very gifted person to plan and execute an event so wonderfully. Thank you Ana and Ian for trusting me to speak to your students, who may I add, were the most engaged student audience I have spoken to as well. Also, for your gifts and honorarium, which certainly was not expected or necessary, a sincere thank you. I have no feedback as to what to improve, that’s how good it was. On the other hand, as always, when I get home, I feel like I’m given the words I should’ve spoken, LOL. But the beauty of that is God uses cracked pots! It was and still is, my prayer, to build hope within Phantom Screens, for our people, to become followers of Christ. And that these biblical truths clothed as corporate values would lead the way. (II Corinthians 5:20). Again, thank you for putting this conference on and I hope and pray the Lord works in each of the students through the messages.”  – Esther De Wolde

“Thanks so much for allowing me access to the conference on the weekend. It was very impressive! I’m sure everybody must be bushed after such an amazing event as so much goes into making it amazing. Blessings to you all as you navigate the final weeks of the year before a well-deserved break over the summer.” – Adam Reid

“I hope that this email finds you well. Thank you for the amazing conference! I appreciate your job and your colleagues. We really enjoyed and used all testimonies. God bless you for this great job!”   – Ferial Kazemian


BC Christian Academy Gymnasium (Fernwood Campus)

1019 Fernwood Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 5A8



BC Christian Academy is a pre-kindergarten to grade 12 non-profit, independent school with a vision “To Equip Students To Impact The World For Jesus.” Founded in 1992, the academy is keen on expanding its educational programs by launching a Business Curriculum Stream in our high school. This will enable our students to gain and develop strong business skills with rich content, biblical teaching, practical advice and also mentoring from seasoned Christian business leaders in the community.


Please check back here for conference updates. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact us below or email Ana at anaenduma@bccaschool.ca We would love to hear from you!

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